Our Team: Levi, Senior Developer

Why do you work at on Uniqode?

The company allows me as a team member to get more involved in projects, giving suggestions and discussing functionalities that really aggregate worth to the product. It's definitely not a company where you have to do what the ask you to do and period. The flexibility. As far as all the tasks are done on time, I can plan some days off for studies and for my family.

What is your favorite part of work?

It has to parts that I like most: firstly, it's the discussion with the client/product owner about the functionality that needs to be built. Here define with simple and clear statements what it must and mustn't do. So, I'll know what I have to build and a client will know what to expect. Secondly, the development part, when I go code and only stop when it's done.

How does look like your ideal team?

A team composed of serious professionals with different backgrounds, but that are involved equally involved in the project. They must work together in order for complementing each other's work.

What kind of projects do you like?

Intelligent projects, with a real reason to exist. Here, each task knows how much worth it aggregates to the final product. They keep growing, but it a planned and organized way. 

How do you spend your free time?

Usually, I spent it with my family, my friends or just with myself. I enjoy staying with my wife talking about our days or just chilling together. I also like studying, like new programming languages and foreign languages. Part of my days, I dedicated to me, like resting, meditating or just working out at the gym. When I have time I go to movie theaters or go out with some friends.