Lemon Scented Tea

Lemon Scented Tea

Lemon Scented Tea

Lemon Scented Tea is an Amsterdam-based storytelling agency offering companies branding guidance in order to build stronger brands. Taking into account the agency’s creative field, we built a unique responsive website with animated elements, to give potential customers a clue to company's style.  


Technologies used
Drupal 7


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Unique front-end solutions
  • User Interface

Challenge me

This project involved challenging front-end solutions to create the responsive website with unusual layout: dynamic arrows, slanted lines.

We ensured seamless scalability across all dimensions of viewing platforms.

It’s tailor-made

It’s always an interesting task for us to make a tailor-made website for our clients. We like to make it your way. For Lemon Scented Tea we used technics to specifically add codes to allow transparency, generated masking or gradient backgrounds to make seamless scalability on all devices.

Your freedom

When building this website we used multiple blocks on content that allow its editors more freedom to show content in the way they want it.