Melchior Interieur

Melchior Interieur

Melchior Interieur Macbook mockup

Melchior Interieur is a premium Dutch interior design retailer with stylish showrooms in The Hague and Amstelveen. The company specializes in modern furniture and accessories from the best international brands as well as from their own production. We created a responsive website for Melchior to showcase the products sold in their showrooms.

Technologies used
Drupal 8


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • User interface design
  • E-commerce
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

Technically beautiful 

As this site is used as a showroom/webshop, we custom-designed the pages to exhibit the items through large-scale photographs and slick animation features to produce visually appealing results.

The front page is a custom image annotation, where the price of each product pictured appears when you drag the cursor over it, a feature which involved the front-end skills of our expert development team.

Contemporary in style

Melchior’s website is done in conformity with the concept of the brand: it’s simple but with a twist, stylish but clear, and of a very high quality.

The user interface design is meant to help clients get the most from the website through large-scale photographs, short summary of the item displayed, price and characteristics.

Taking care

Uniqode also hosts and maintains Melchior’s website and makes sure the website is properly maintained and updated