Our specialities

  • Design

    We are highly skilled in website design, working closely with our talented graphic designer to create websites and UX experiences that are intuitive, original and seamless to use for the end-user. We always stay up-to-date on web design and user trend forecasting so we know how to create websites and applications that stay current for years to come.

    Our core service is offering web development of a design made by an agency, but we also have a big passion for design ourselves. We’ve proved our creative skills by designing some distinctive, innovative and user-intuitive web designs.

    When developing a web design we first determine what the functional purpose of the site should be. We believe that a good web design is not only about the way the site looks, but also how it works. That is why we want the website to not only be aesthetically appealing and match your brand identity, but also to function optimally.

    We know that web design is always part of the complete branding of a product, idea or concept and we want to communicate what your brand stands for in the best way possible.

  • Development

    We are efficient and precise in our web development, building everything from responsive corporate websites and internal CMS systems to advanced webshops and mobile apps. We have built sites for fashion designers, for a satellite observing changes in the troposphere, for a storytelling agency and for a chic hotel in Paris, just to get you an idea of how extensive our portfolio is. More work is presented under the “Projects” page.

    In principle, website development naturally consists of much more than just developing websites with Drupal. When we talk about web development at Uniqode it is primarily about the entire process. There is so much more behind the term website development than just the creation of a website. We always try to expose the underlying question before we get started and think about the further details. This ensures that we always end up with the best fitting solution for your online project.

    We are also able to develop software for when you already work with existing systems. For example, you can have the CMS you already use by having us implemented in your newly developed website.

  • Concept & Strategy

    At Uniqode, we know that there are endless website needs and solutions, and that having a website created for your business that is unique and tailored to your needs and specialties is of the utmost importance to ensure you reach your goals.

    We work with you to establish what your needs are and what your website should achieve, and develop a design concept around these criteria. The concept we develop is completely individual to your business, so you know that all of your goals will be met through working with us.

    After creating this concept, we develop a strategy to outline how our skilled team will execute this project to the highest standards within any time limit/restraints you set for us. In this strategy we divide tasks between which member of our team is best suited for the task, not just who is available at the time to make sure every part of your project is treated with utmost importance.

  • Service & Maintenance

    After building a custom website for our clients, we understand that things beyond our control can compromise the functionality of the site. We leave clients safe in the knowledge that we will look after any problem that could arise after making the website live, so you know that the future of your site is in safe hands.

  • Consultancy

    Our experienced developers frequently support large companies with consultancy services in both PHP and front-end development. We are experts in Drupal CMS, Zend framework, AnguralJS and many more. We can work as part of your team in your office or support you from our own location.

    As specialists in the field of web design and development, we are keen to offer our help and skills to customers through the form of consultancy work. We work on location for a large number of companies and are able to assist and guide customers on what practices they should be adopting into their teams and workflows, ensuring optimal work performance.

    With our years of experience, we as individuals have boundless knowledge to pass to those who would benefit from advancing their website development process.