About us

Clever solutions for complex demands

For us it is more than just a slogan, our believe is that we are able to translate complex matter in clever workable solution. What we mean by clever is:  Nothing less than highest possible level of enduser and client friendly results, mixed with advanced and smart backend technologies and coding. In a business
where one can easily be overwhelmed by technical terms and groovy sales talks.  Uniqode stands out for
its unique approach of truly listening to and understanding the client’s wants and needs.

We are very proud of our work, so we want it to be the best that we can offer

Uniqode started in 2010 in Amsterdam and was founded by Alex Petrosidis, the mission was: to build complex websites for any kind of business in an trasparant way.  Through the years we finished a lot of ambitious projects and our company grew. Nowadays we still have the same mission, only our team has grown.

We love to invite you to meet our team in our office "Tussen de Bogen". 

Founder & CEO


Alex is a software engineer for the past 12 years on different types of projects. He enjoys solving problems, structuring, and combining solutions, considering creativity as an important part of his work. I am interested in art and design and I enjoy working with people from a creative background.

Software Engineer & Team Leader


I’m an IT professional from Brazil with a BSc in Systems’ Analysis and MBA in Software Engineering with Agile Methods. I have more than 12 years of experience in project coordination, systems analysis, and software development. I am highly skilled in software engineering, project management, programming, and leadership!

Business Development & Marketing Manager


Antonio has a 10 years experience with business development and marketing in the business 2 business market. His experience contains a great variety of projects within a geat variety of companies. The main goal is always looking how to increase the turnover of commercial possibilities with his clients, using smart marketing and optimised sales processes. 


Design partner


Experienced designer with a demonstrated history in Branding & Identity, she is strong in Graphic Design, Logo Design, Advertising, making illustrations and artworks for brands . I find my inspiration for creating exciting brands and designs in everyday live: beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say…

results speak for themself

« Uniqode is our solid partner for creative web development for many years. Keywords for me are: Flexible - Friendly - Knowledge/Experts - Drupal - Tailored and fully customised web development. »

Bastiaan van Ederen,
Studio Zelden

« Uniqode did a fantastic job building us an online learning platform for global learners. I would recommend Uniqode so many times over, they led us through the initiation, explained everything with thoughtful details and is now maintaining the site. Very happy to continue to work with Uniqode in the future. »

Natalie Smith, WLSA

« I liked three aspects in particular about working with Uniqode: the flexibility, the ability to think with the client, and the ability to translate the wishes of the client into a finished product. Flexibility was mostly expressed by quickly making adjustments (or formulating possible options) and by being available for meetings and calls when necessary. Thinking with the client is mostly based on your expertise, both in visual and website design. Many possibilities were brought forward by you, and in case some of our wishes were not possible, alternatives were given. Finally, I think the finished product is a fantastic representation of what we wanted it to be. It is very impressive that this came out of the initial briefing and our discussions. Also, you are all lovely people to interact with. »

Mark Hoolwerf, Port of Amsterdam