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We are a unique web development company,
based in Amsterdam,
specialized in creating custom-build websites,
for ambitious organizations.


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Grey Star vroeg ons verschillende websites te ontwikkelen voor hun unieke woonconcept voor young professionals en studenten in Europa. MB275 is de eerste van deze serie.

Spark by WLSA

Spark by WLSA is een sprankelend nieuw online educatief platform. Met hun brandende nieuwsgierigheid, hun vermogen tot zelfreflectie en hun empathie zijn de gebruikers van de site de global citizens van morgen. Studenten worden (wereld)leiders die hun omgeving weten te inspireren.

Port of Amsterdam International

Port of Amsterdam is een van de drukste plaatsen van de wereld. Ieder jaar worden er miljarden goederen verhandeld. Port of Amsterdam richt zich met name op de ontwikkeling en het managen van de haven en de terminals voor de cruises. Hun ervaring en expertise hielp bij het ontwikkelen van Port of Amsterdam International, dat cliënten internationaal helpt bij het ontwikkelen van groene oplossingen die ook op de lange termijn werkzaam zijn. Iedere haven en iedere situatie is uniek en brengt haar eigen uitdagingen met zich mee. Port of Amsterdam International kan met haar expertise en ervaring iedere situatie aan.

What we do

In our portfolio you can see what we have done for others, but we rather tell you how we can help you. Uniqode distinguish itself with their unique approach; we try to get to the bottom of your requirements. You may know what you want, but not always what you need. We help you to figure out what you need and how to get there, we condense your input and information into a proper technical and design solution. We help you to navigate together through the journey of the of the software development and deliver you the best possible result!


Uniqode loves to work with the following technologies: Drupal (our biggest love), Javascript (React, Angular, jQuery), Custom PHP.

Software production

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance


  • Analyzing the project
  • Figuring out architecture and technology
  • Getting the right people on board
  • Setting up software development/processes
  • Building the teams
  • Ongoing support

results speak for themself

« Uniqode is our solid partner for creative web development for many years. Keywords for me are: Flexible - Friendly - Knowledge/Experts - Drupal - Tailored and fully customised web development. »

Bastiaan van Ederen,
Studio Zelden

« Uniqode did a fantastic job building us an online learning platform for global learners. I would recommend Uniqode so many times over, they led us through the initiation, explained everything with thoughtful details and is now maintaining the site. Very happy to continue to work with Uniqode in the future. »

Natalie Smith, WLSA

« I liked three aspects in particular about working with Uniqode: the flexibility, the ability to think with the client, and the ability to translate the wishes of the client into a finished product. Flexibility was mostly expressed by quickly making adjustments (or formulating possible options) and by being available for meetings and calls when necessary. Thinking with the client is mostly based on your expertise, both in visual and website design. Many possibilities were brought forward by you, and in case some of our wishes were not possible, alternatives were given. Finally, I think the finished product is a fantastic representation of what we wanted it to be. It is very impressive that this came out of the initial briefing and our discussions. Also, you are all lovely people to interact with. »

Mark Hoolwerf, Port of Amsterdam